My Two Cents International - Jamaica

Where education welcomes your 'Two Cents'  

My Two Cents was founded on September 15, 2006. A student participating in the student exchange program at the University of West Indies noticed a troubling trend in higher educational institutions. The student, originally from the nation of Ethiopia, attends Texas Southern University, a historically black college in Houston, Texas. The disturbing trend is that less and less young men are attending higher education around the world. This raises a serious concern as it relates to their position in society. More of them are in correctional institutions than in educational institutions. This is despite the obvious fact that there are numerous brothers, and sisters, who would love to attend Universities, but whose dreams are hindered by a lack of access.


It was on these grounds that dialogue was initiated among fellow students and friends. The general agreement was that no Jamaican should be barred from the experience of studying at the tertiary level or living on hall due to financial constraints. More needed to be done to make this a reality and, as a result, My Two Cents was established. We decided to start off by raising the level of awareness in the society to get everyone involved in mobilizing resources to bring youth to school, to produce role models and to make street corners less attractive.


In order to achieve our main objective the management of My Two Cents has decided to organize various fundraising events. We are aware that you share our vision for brighter, safer future for all Jamaicans. A great opportunity has presented itself for a mutually beneficial relationship between My Two Cents and you to engage the youth. Our executive realizes that this is the perfect event to solicit your prayers and cooperation.


We especially encourage high school students to get involved because this organization will only benefit them. If you are a Jamaica student getting ready to move on to a college or university in Jamaica you might be eligible. If you find you are not eligible more than likely you know at least one student who you think would deserve the help of My Two Cents. Therefore we want to give high schools the opportunity to start a My Two Cents Club. Remember, one of the students we choose may very well be from your school. Contact us to find out how you can get your school involved.